Board of Directors

The management of the FBCGD is vested in general meetings of the members presided over by the chairman.

The annual general meeting (AGM) has been usually held on 6 December, the Independence Day of Finland.

The annual general meeting shall:

  • Elect office bearers, i.e. chairman, deputy chairman, and secretary
  • Decide annual subscription
  • Receive reports, approve budget, amend rules and elect auditors, if needed
  • Transact other business
  • A member can submit resolution to the AGM beforehand.

The annual general meeting may elect an Executive Committee to plan and direct the activities of FBCGD. At the moment the Executive Commitee consists of the following corporate members represented by the following persons:

  • Lasse Liukkonen, PRD GROUP / China Operations Support (Chairman)
  • Ville Majanen, Otso Import & Export (Shenzhen) Ltd. (Deputy Chairman)
  • Mika Tavast, Genford Ltd.
  • Petri Sillberg, Fibox
  • Petri Mikkola, Ledil
  • Pekka Kyyriäinen & Jari Kaisanlahti, Salcomp Oy
  • Pekka Laiho, OptoFidelity Ltd.

Office Bearers’ Duties

The chairman or deputy chairman shall:

  • Preside at general meetings of the FBCGD. In case of a sudden absence the meeting elects the chairman.
  • Represent FBCGD in its dealings with the authorities of Finland and China, media and the public.

The secretary shall:

  • Keep and maintain records of FBCGD
  • Record the decisions made at the meetings
  • Keep and maintain the register of members
  • Receive the subscription fees and other money coming to FBCGD and keep necessary books of financial transactions
  • Perform other duties and functions determined by general meetings

At the moment the treasurer is taking part in secretary’s finance related responsibilities.